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Abstract HQ
Stories The League of Abstraction
Theme Music Progress of science, Witness of Eternity
Battle Music Red alert, The Test of Time
Party Member To be Determined

Abstract HQ was created via a time paradox in which Eos was able to summon the structure from the future after it was built. As a result the Fortress exists both nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.


Featuring state of the art research facilities, designed for studying the heart and bodies, it features a veritable zoo of heartless, which are trapped there because of the world being sealed off from the dark corridors. Most of the high ranking members live here, where they lead comfortable lives.

Access Edit

The only way to get to the HQ is using specially created portals that lead to it. Referred to as Chrono-ports.

Security Edit

Automated turrets scan intruders for their weakness and fires their weakness at them.


The overall construction of the world has no logical design, it dose not have a clearly defined entrance or exit or even a top or bottom. It cannot be viewed from the outside. each department has its own, well, department. It's like being teleported into a gigantic, three-Dimensional maze. Employees explore the area around their office, but dare not to venture any further into the facility. This allows the council to have a greater range of control over its employees.

The Council Edit

The music switches here, and so does the architecture. There are several executive offices and meeting rooms here.

World Laboratories Edit

Physics laboratories filled to the brim with computers running simulation technology.

Entity Laboratories Edit

Several chemical and biological laboratories here, for preforming experiments on Heartless, Nobodies, and for creating replicas.

Office Complex 1 Edit

A labyrinth of cubicles, offices, copy rooms, ect.

Run by logistics

Office Complex 2 Edit

Another labyrinth of cubicles, storerooms, lockers, and vaults.

Run by resource management

Forge Edit

Laboratories and factories run by Weapons Research.

Mission ControlEdit

Run by Special Operations.

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