Name Alpha
Original Name Arus
Role Protagonist/Secret Boss
Job Class God of Harmony
Home World World B
Family Cosmos (Wife)
Weapon Heaven Sabers
Status Alive
"Behold, mortal! The power of the heavens and stars at my command! What chance have you?"
—Alpha after being confronted

Alpha is a character and secret boss in Dividing Lines.

Story Edit

Origin Edit

Before he was the god of harmony, Alpha was the Warrior of Light known as Arus. After serving in the first conflict of the gods, Arus ascended to godhood. He then married Cosmos and watched over the rest of the worlds while Cosmos watched the conflict of the gods.

Dividing Lines Edit

Johnny's Story Edit

After Star Command transforms and the Cavern of Rememberance is discovered, Arlene appears to Johnny and tells him of Alpha, the God of Harmony. She states that his power is unmatched, and Johnny says that he sounds like he could make a powerful ally. When Johnny discovers a portal in the deep caverns of Terra, he walks through to find himself in Alpha's throne room. Alpha thinks Johnny to be a mortal wishing to topple the gods. Alpha fights him, but Johnny ends up the victor. Alpha resumes his position on the throne and sends Johnny back to Terra.

Jonathan's Story Edit

While meditating in the lower levels of his castle, Jonathan opens a portal to Alpha's throne. While in deep meditation, he enters the portal, and Alpha fights him, seeing if he will be strong enough to defeat the coming "crisis." Jonathan bests him and wakes from his meditation just as Alpha explains the crisis. Jonathan returns to the Forgotten Lands and prepares for his final battle with Johnny.

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