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Ammu-Nation is a Gun Store and is a common weapon store in Liberty City

It is also the First Gun Store Available in The Final Remnant.

Weapons Available (Final Remnant)Edit

Ammu Nation is the only Legal Firearms Dealer throughout Liberty City. which is why they do not have Strong weapons.

Store at Alderney during the chapter one of the story.

Item Cost Unlocked
Pistol $100 Remnant
SMG I $350 Gunned Down


$500 Hello Mister Cipriani
Granade $150 Remnant
Boomshine $200 Hello Mister Cipriani
Body Armor $500 SupaSave!

New Weapons at Chapter Two

Item Cost Unlocked
SMG II $1000 Still Kill Bill
M1 Thompson Sub Machine Gun $4500 Lunar At Night


  • The M1 Thompson SMG is not available in Grand Theft Auto series but can only be seen as a background design in the Ammu-Nation at San Andreas.

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