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The Angels of the Heart of a group of girls who can wield the Keyblade. Often get targeted by the Organization, due to Xion living within Andie. They first appear in Kingdom Hearts: Beings of Hearts

Members Edit

Elisa: 4 years old, adoptive sister of Andie. Can wield a Keyblade and is under training of her older sister.

Andie: 14 years old. Harbors Xion's spirit within her, and can double wield. Trains her younger sister.

Katy: 14 years old, Andie's childhood friend. Often gets confused with Andie, and wields a Keyblade that looks alot like Riku's.

Jessica: 14 years old, Andie's childhood friend. She and Katie (not to be confused with Katy) are also childhood friends. Wields a Keyblade as well.

Katie: 14 years old, Andie's childhood friend. She and Jessica are also childhood friends. Andie and Katie are really close, and Andie claims that without Katie, she'd be dead. Wields a Keyblade and a sword.

Brianna: 15 years old, a classmate in Andie's childhood. Andie and Brianna bumped heads alot, so when Brianna was destined to join the little group, the two bickered. Triple Wields a Keyblade, a sword, and a gun.

Trivia Edit

  • With the expection of Elisa, all the members are based on Andie's friends. Elisa was made in a FanFiction.
  • The group has no particular leader, but usually the leadership goes to whoever is most experienced in the situation.

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