Sure, I sense Asgard's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Origin Marvel Comics
Stories The Nightverse
Theme Music Metal Gods, by Judas Priest.
Battle Music My Apocalypse, by Metallica.

Asgard (アスガード, Asugādo) is a fictional world in The Nightverse.


Asgard is a heavily forested world, much like ancient Scandinavia. This means that there are plenty of places excellent to stage an ambush, there's lots of cover, and warriors should be careful where they step...



Odin's legendary feasting hall, it is truly massive beyond the human power of perception. There are seven hundred doors, and each is large enough for seven hundred Viking warriors to go in AT THE SAME TIME walking shoulder-to-shoulder.

Dwarven MinesEdit

Tunnels that once were mined for precious ore by the Dwarves, these myriad pathways have been abandoned for quite some time now, and thus are filled with Heartless.


Asgard may well have one of the simplest governing systems ever conceived: it is simply ruled by Odin, King of the Gods. One day, after Odin has eventually fallen, his son Thor will take his place.


It is basically a mirror image of the Viking culture in Earth's Scandinavia region circa A.D. 1000 (more or less).

Notable PersonsEdit

  • It is the homeworld of Thor, the God of Thunder. He has been temporarily exiled so that he may learn humility.

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