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Ash Ketchum
Original Name Pokemon
Type Human
Role Pokemon Trainer
Age 17
Home World Johto League
Weapon Pokemon
Status Dead

Ash Ketchum is a main character of the Pokemon series and ally in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, and comes along to help Laharl and Ceodore on their exploration of the Johto League.



Kingdom Hearts: AwakeningEdit


Ash is a very benevolent boy. He enjoys spending time with animals (or "Pokemon" as they are called in Johto) more than he does humans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ash has little to no actual fighting skills, but he does have an unusual talent in training Pokemon to fight against enemies.

Squirtle: A small, turtle like Pokemon, Squirtle uses water attacks and speed to overwhelm his opponents.

Charizard: This huge dragon is slow and uses fire attacks.

Bulbasaur: This small lizard-like Pokemon uses grass and vines to trap enemies.


  • Yeah!
  • We're taking you down..!!


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