Light ShieldEdit

Axane summons a shield of light around her, protecting her against various attacks (Melee and Magic, not Limit breaks). (Similar to Reflect and Aero)

MP Cost: 15

AP Cost: 1


Axane fires a whitish-blue sphere of light that at an enemy. (Queen Minnie's attack)

MP Cost: 5

Damage: 10

AP Cost: 1


Axane fires a whitish-blue sphere of light that explodes at the enemy. (Can only be used if LightBall has been used earlier in the battle) (Queen Minnie's attack)

MP Cost: 10

Damage: 20

AP Cost: 2


Axane shoots a ray of light at a single opponent. (Can only be used if LightShot has been used earlier in the battle)

MP Cost: 15

Damage: 25

AP Cost: 3


Axane summons a large number of destructive light beams that rain upon all opponents. (Can only be used if LightRay has been used earlier in the battle)

MP Cost: 20

Damage: 25

AP Cost: 3


Axane hurls her Spear at an enemy, dealing Light damage.

MP Cost: 20

Damage: 30

AP Cost: 3


Vanquishes all foes in the immediate area and deals Light damage relative to the number of Light-based attacks used in the battle. (Queen Minnie's Reaction Command)

MP Cost: 40

Damage: 10 x the number of light attacks

AP Cost: 5



Cure magic's HP restoration capability is increased by 10. (Permanent)

MP Cost: 25

AP Cost: 1

Second ChanceEdit

Retain 1 HP after receiving a critical blow

AP Cost: 4


Defense increases when low on health.

AP Cost: 2

MP RageEdit

Axene's MP gauge recovers when she is hit by an enemy.

AP Cost: 5


Automatically heals (20 HP) when low on health.

AP Cost: 5

Limit BreaksEdit


Axane summons orbs of light that hunt down and explode at all opponents, dealing a great amount of light damage. (An enhanced version of the Holy spell in Final Fantasy X)

MP Cost: All

Damage: 100

AP Cost: 5

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