Original Name Ruby
Type Nobody
Role Hero?
Home World Halloween Town
Family Her three daughters Crystal, Lena , and Sadie her son Leo and her husband Axel.
Weapon Charkams and sometimes a Katar
Attribute fire
Status Alive

Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Warriors Edit

Axelena travels with Aerthex and Noctis she dosen't really do a ton. She only fights and adds into anything Aerthex says unless shes mad. Axelena and Noctis don't get along very well and fight offten as to where Aerthex has to break the two up. After Aerthex and Noctis's fight she leaves and isnt seen again for a long period of time. When they meat back up Axelena pulls her Charkam's upon Kaname who draws his sword in defence. Aerthex gets in between the two about to fight and explains who Kaname is to her. Axelena then joins back with the group and they adventure again.

Limit Attack Edit

Normal Edit

As normal form Axelena, she dosen't use her limit offten and when used it is only slightly deadly and only lasts 30 seconds or less.

Forms Edit

When in a form she uses it more offten and it is more deadly. The attack lasts a minuet or less though.

Weapons and Fighting style Edit

Axelena's weapon is like Axel's, the Charkams. She uses them like he dose as well but is a little less dancey. She offten renforces them with fire making them a little more dangerouse. Her katars only apper for a short while within the story as she is hiding from people that were hunting her. Axelena's fighting style is also simalar to Axel's as well for she moves along the feild swiftly but also is very good stealth as well. She uses her skills she learned as a assasin to use in battle.

Quotes Edit

In a battle:"comeon"

Little amount of health:"how'd you get this far"

Lost:"i can't go on anymore" 

Win:"i told you i'd win"

Giving Potion:"how bout a little help"

Taking Potion:"That's alot better"

Start of Battle:"humph your not even gonna win"

Form Change:"Burn"

Losing to Aerthex (opptional battle):"Gah, how'd you get so good"

Losing to Noctis:"No wonder you're on our team"

Forms Edit

Each form is like Sora's where each only dose certain things exept Ninja which is like Aerthex's.

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