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"Well! Looks like it's game over for ya!"
—Ayano Katagiri
Ayano Katagiri
Original Name Malevolence Death Crystalised
Type D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.
Role Grim Reaper, Neutral Antagonist,
Age 14
Home World Misaki City
Family None
Weapon Neutral Coded Blade. Death's Hand, N.E.U.T.R.A.L., 0 Gundam, High Geass,
Attribute Inifite Lifestream
Status Recreation.

Ayano Katagiri has the control of the Whole Power of Existance around Misaki city creating a whole new Ayano.


Ayano Katagiri is diffrent from Malevolence (her past self), She is very friendly and a bit kind.

Unlike Malevolence she makes multiple comments during a battle unlike her past self who reamins mute.




Ayano's Geass, The ChronosEdit

Ayano Katagiri has an ability to stop time it's limits are

  • Ayano Katagiri is can only activate the Geass once in danger.
  • Her range is limitless.
  • The geass will deactivate after damaging the enemy.


She will become immune to physical damage during battle. This will only last every turn. Once used Ayano Katagiri cannot attack nor use her Geass.

Extereme SpeedEdit

Ayano has an ability to move anywhere faster than the enemy. (X 3)

High IntelligenceEdit

The titile says all.


  • The Power of Existance and Misaki city are all part of Shakugan no Shana series.
  • While the Wired Geass is from the Code Geass: NoN series


Ayano Katagiri Battle Theme

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