Lord Xeon-Azathrem
Kana アザスレム
Japanese Azasuremu
Origin Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 1
Alias Xeon

the sorcerer of Xehanort

Role Villain
Age around 30
Gender male
Alignment evil
Home World Same World As Sora
Weapon Fake Keyblade
Attribute Heartless Sorcery
English Voice Nolan North
Japanese Voice Norio Wakamoto
Azathrem is the main antagonist and the final boss of Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 1.He is an Dark sorcerer that uses his own variaton of black magic known as Heartless Sorcery wich he created himself.

Early Life Edit

He lived on an island similiar as destiny island,he always belived himself being superior than the others and believed that anyone who disagrees with him on anything was scum,he wanted to be the next ruler of the island,but was skipped and Blyrune`a became the ruler of the island.He hated that he was denied the ruler.He wanted to start chaos and havoc and hatefilled civil war because he could not accept his defeat of becoming an ruler,but realized it was all hopeless until he meet a Young Xehanort who offered him power and gave him power.Azathrem later used this power to become a powerful sorcerer and developed his own variation of sorcery.He caused havoc on the island but was stopped and banished from the island,and eventually later sealed away.

Return Edit

eventually after the events and what had happened in dream drop distance he was able to break the seal thanks to what happened in dream drop distance.

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