The residents of the Battlefield are all taken from the games usually found on G-Mod. However, characters that are hit internet sensations also appear.

Team Fortress 2Edit

Team Fortress 2 cast

The main cast of the Team Fortress 2 characters (Red Team)

The characters of Team Fortress 2 appear as allies for Johnny when he fights in the battles of their area: Land Claim. They are as follows and are the same on each team, unless stated otherwise:
  • Soldier: A very strict man who is very focused on battle with a strong sense of duty and nationalism. He likes the fact that Johnny refers to himself by the Soldier class.
  • Heavy: A very big man with a strong Russian accent who prefers to use heavy weapons and loves sandwiches. He likes Johnny's use of the Twin Lance.
  • Scout: A younger man with a distinct New York feel who uses a baseball bat as a weapon and drinks a soda called "Bonk" to get an insane sugar rush. He likes Johnny's taste in sodas.
  • Sniper: An older man with a distinct aim and a jar of "Jarate" for those foolish enough to go close range with him. He does not like Johnny at all.
  • Engineer: An old country man with a knack for building devices with a simple wrench. He likes Johnny's knowledge of technology.
  • Demoman: A black man who loves to use explosives in combat and loves an alcohol called "Scrumpy". He does not like Johnny, but he can tolerate having to work with him.
  • Pyro: A masked man who wields a flamethrower and axe in combat. He likes Johnny's ability to cast Fire spells and how the two can relate (Johnny can understand everything Pyro says). Johnny is the only one to see the Pyro's face.
  • Medic: A German doctor who loves to play defense with poison darts. He likes Johnny's knowledge of poisons and general medical knowledge.
  • Spy: A Frenchman who wears a ski mask and suit. He can change form into any member of the team. He likes Johnny's ability to change forms.
  • Female Engineer: The daughter of the Blue Engineer who has similar knowledge of technology. She was instrumental in Johnny's master plan.
  • Painis Cupcake: A Red Soldier who has been tainted with insane power. He desires to eat anyone he can. When he is angered, he becomes inveloped in an energy shield.

Johnny fights for the Blue Team when in the Land Claim.

Left 4 DeadEdit

Left 4 Dead Cast

The cast of Left 4 Dead characters

The Left 4 Dead characters reside in the Abandoned City. They are the sole survivors of a zombie attack.
  • Louis: A black man who obsesses over his pills.
  • Francis: A typical biker dude who hates pretty much everything.
  • Zoey: A woman with a passion for explosives.
  • Bill: A war veteran who helps out in repelling the zombie hordes. He is believed to be related to Francis.

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