Ben is the main character in Kingdom Hearts: Fallen Dreams.

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Origin N/A
Original Name Ben
Alias N/A
Type Keyblade Wielder
Role The main protagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Fallen Dreams
Age 17
Home World Twilight Town
Family N/A
Weapon Kingdom Key V
Status Refound


Ben was troubled at a young age. His parents never really talked to him. He never made any friends, and he never did anything fun. One day, as Ben was going out for a walk to clear his troubled thoughts, he saw somebody run past him, they seemed to be in a hurry. Ben thought he might as well follow them to see why they were running. He followed them for a few minutes, then they went onto the train. He thought about turning around and heading home, but he thought to himself: "What's at home? Nobody there even bothers to talk to me, I'm always bored....Well. I'm leaving." So he got on the train and sat across from the person he was following. Apparently, they were meeting up with their friends. He decided to get off the train at the next stop. An hour later, the train stopped. When the doors opened, Ben got off. He couldn't really live on his own, considering he was only 10. So he decided to stay at a hotel and tell them he was waiting for his parents. While he stayed there, he did some work to get munny. When he got 4000 munny, he decided to leave Twilight Town. He went to Disney Town, and they let him live there happily. When he was 14, he decided to go back to Twilight Town and see how his parents were doing. He saw a strange looking train, and decided to take that one. Instead of taking him to Twilight Town, it took him to a strange tower. He got off the train and headed for the door, when he got there, the door swung open, and there stood King Mickey. Ben apologized and explained what happened. The King told him to come upstairs, he followed the King up to the top of the tower, to meet the person who lived there, Master Yen Sid. The King pulled Yen Sid aside and asked him if he could sense what he sensed. Ben had no idea what they were talking about. When they were done talking, Yen Sid asked Ben if he had ever heard of a "Keyblade" before. Ben declined, not understanding what he meant. The King lifted his hand, and a sword appeared into it. It looked like a key. "Oh, now I get it. A Keyblade." Ben said. Master Yen Sid told Ben about it, and how special it was. Ben asked "Why are you explaining this to me?" "Because we believe you are able to wield a Keyblade, Ben." The King replied. "But, how would I be able to wield one? I've never seen one before, or even heard of them until now." Ben said. "Ben. The Keyblade chooses it's wielder at random. If they have a strong heart." Yen Sid replied. They asked Ben to stay and learn how to use them. He spent two years learning about them, how to fight with them, how to fight without them. They taught him about the Heartless, about the Nobodies. When he was ready, they taught him how to call his Keyblade. "But, I don't have a Keyblade, Master." Ben told Yen Sid. "Yes, yes. I know. Wielders do not have them just because they can, it has to come to them, or they have to summon it." Yen Sid replied. "Ben, imagine a chest, in that chest, is a Keyblade. Imagine opening that chest, taking the Keyblade, and closing it again." The King said. Ben closed his eyes, and did as he was told. There was a noise, and he felt something in his hands, it wasn't light, but it wasn't heavy either. He opened his eyes, and he saw his Keyblade. "Ben. Keyblades have names. That Keyblade is named Kingdom Key V. Be good to it. And it will serve you well." Yen Sid said. "Yes, Master Yen Sid. Thank you for teaching me. You too, Your Majesty." Ben turned around and headed for the door. He was assigned to travel the worlds and destroy the Heartless. When he left the tower, his training complete, he was attacked by a man in a black coat. He came up behind Ben and hit him over the head. When Ben woke up, he didn't remember what happened. He didn't remember about the Keyblade, the King, Yen Sid. He only remembered his name. He left the building he was in. He was in Twilight Town, though he didn't know where he was. It was almost as if his mind was wiped clean, except for his name. He wandered around for a while, trying to remember. Trying so hard it was hurting his head. Ben went into a hotel, and got a room. He went upstairs and went to sleep. He had a dream. This dream didn't have any images or anything. Just darkness. He kept hearing the words: Use the Key. The Key will fix it. Whatever that meant. He would wake up, his heart pounding. His head pounding worst. He kept feeling like he was being watched, as though somebody was there. But no matter how long he looked, he could never find anybody. He left the hotel, and went searching for answers. He found none. He had the same dreams every night. Back at the tower: Mickey and Yen Sid were getting worried, they haven't talked to Ben in days. He was supposed to report in daily. "Maybe I should go look for him." Mickey said. "That would be best. I sense he is in danger. I no longer sense his Keyblade. The Keychain I gave him had a special power. I would sense whenever he uses it. I haven't sensed it since he left." Yen Sid replied. "Gosh. You think he was captured?" Mickey said. "That is unclear. For now, let's focus on finding him. And be careful, we don't have many Keyblade Wielders anymore. Not with Riku gone and Sora asleep. As of currently, you and Ben are the only ones." Yen Sid told him. "Alright. I'll find him." Mickey said as he ran out the door. Back in Twilight Town: Heartless appeared out of nowhere. And attacked Ben. Ben was confused, unsure of what these creatures are. Ben grabbed a sword from somebody and attacked the Heartless. After they were beaten, Ben gave the sword back. His head flooding with pain, Ben sat down. He had a memory of those creatures. He doesn't know where, but he does. He has a small memory, telling him of the Heartless. Mickey arrived in Twilight Town. He saw Ben sitting in front of the hotel. "Ben!" Mickey yelled. "Yeah? Who are you?" Ben said as Mickey approached. "You don't remember me?" Mickey replied. "No. Do I know you? I've been having trouble remembering things." Ben said. "Oh no. Come with me, quickly." Mickey told him. "Why? Who are you?" Ben said as he backed up. "Quickly, I'll explain on the way. I know you. It seems you lost your memory." Mickey said. "Okay. I guess. Where are we going?" Ben replied as he followed Mickey. "To the train station." Said Mickey. They boarded the train and went to the tower. When they got there, there were Heartless and Nobodies trying to bust down the tower door. "Hurry, Ben. We've got to stop them from getting in!" Mickey said. "But, I don't have a weapon." Ben replied. "Right, close your eyes and picture a chest, open the chest, pull out the weapon. Close the chest. Open your eyes." Micked told him. "Uhhhh. Okay?" Ben said. He did it. And he opened his, and his Keyblade was in his hand. It was jerking his arm to the Heartless. "Okay?" He followed Mickey and ran toward the Heartless and Nobody. He swung his Keyblade at them, hitting them. They turned to nothing. Their hearts going to the sky. After they were all destroyed, a man in a black coat appeared. He charged at Mickey while Mickey was opening the door. Ben jumped in the way and hit the man with his Keyblade. The man flipped over him, and hit him in the back. Ben fell to the ground. Mickey turned around and swung his Keyblade repeatedly at the man. The man threw something at Ben as Ben tried to get up. It hit Ben in the head and he passed out. The man opened a portal and jumped through it. The portal closed. Ben woke up in the tower, his memory back. "Master Yen Sid? King Mickey?" Ben said as he sat up. "Easy, Ben. You were out for a few hours. Mickey said. "What happened?" Ben asked. "Well, you lost your memory. But it seems that blow to the head fixed it." Yen Sid said. "I was hit in the head? By what?" Ben asked him. "By munny." Mickey replied. "Alot of it." Ben thought for a second. "Why would I get hit with munny?" Ben asked Mickey. "He threw it at you. We don't know why." Mickey replied. "I'll find out. Where should I go?" Ben asked. "You must go with the King. He will help find whoever this is. Be careful. We can't afford to lose any of you." Yen Sid said. "Yes, Master." Ben said. Ben and Mickey turned around and left the tower. "So, where are we going?" Ben asked. "The man that attacked you, I think he was with the Organization. We're going to their world." Mickey said. "Which world?" Ben asked him. "The World That Never Was." Mickey replied. "You're going to need this." Mickey said as he handing Ben a black coat like that guy was wearing. "What's this for?" Ben asked. "It will let you travel through darkness, without being effected by it." Mickey said. "Like magic, Ben." Mickey opened a portal. "Come on, Ben. Let's go." Mickey said as he walked into the portal. Ben followed. When they arrived, Ben was shocked at what he saw. He expected it to be ruins, but instead, there were tall shiny buildings. And a castle. "This is it?" Ben asked. "Yep. This is it." Mickey replied. It started to rain. Not hard, not light. In between the two. "Where are we going? Ben asked. "To the castle. Follow me." Mickey replied. They started running to the castle. In a few minutes, they arrived at the gate. "How do we get in?" Ben whispered. "Hahaha. You don't." A voice said behind them. They turned around to see 13 portals opening. Out came the Organization. "It was a mistake coming here." The one in front said. "I'm guessing you're the leader?" Ben said. "Yes. You shouldn't have come here, Ben." He said. "How do you know my name!?" Ben yelled. "We've been watching you for some time now. I am Xemnas." Xemnas said. The Organization drew their weapons. Ben summoned his Keyblade. Mickey did the same. They all stood there. Watching eachother. Ben charged at Xemnas. His Keyblade hit another. He looked at the wielder. He pushed Ben back. "Who are you? Why does an Organization member have a Keyblade!?" Ben asked. He got no reply. The Keyblade wielder simply charged at him, followed by the rest of the Organization. Mickey flipped into the middle of them. Ben left on the outside, trying to block their attacks. Ben hit Keyblades with the wielder. He started to get pushed toward a vast number of Heartless. Ben flipped over him, kicking him in the back as he landed. He hit Xemnas across the chest. Xemnas hit the gate and slid down on the ground. A fourteenth member appeared. Also wielding a Keyblade. "Another one!?" Ben yelled. He swung his Keyblade at Xemnas as he stood up. Xemnas blocked it and kicked him in the knee. Ben collapsed to the ground. Mickey jumped next to Ben and spun around knocking them all over with his Keyblade. He grabbed Ben and opened a portal. He pushed Ben inside, and the portal closed. "No!" Ben yelled as he was pushed through. He came out of the portal at the tower. Ben stood up and ran inside the tower. "Master Yen Sid!" Ben called. He burst through the doors. "What is it?" Yen Sid asked calmly. "The King. He pushed me through a portal. He's still at the Organization's castle!" Ben said. "Calm down, I'm sure the King can handle himself." Yen Sid said still calm. "But Master, there were two Keyblade wielders there. In the Organization!" Ben said. "What were there names!?" Yen Sid asked. "I don't know. I asked who they were, I was attacked. Without a reply." Ben replied. (Work in Progress)

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