"Have a little bit of fun. Stress is such a nasty thing to accumulate"
—Benjamin Zero, to Aggie
Benjamin Sebastian Zero
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Odyssey
Alias Big Bro (by Kira)
Big Ben
Penn Jr.
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist
Age 15
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Home World Middleburg, Earth
Family Penn Zero (Father)
Sashi Kobayashi (Mother)
Brock Zero (Paternal Grandfather)
Vonnie Zero (Paternal Grandmother)
Sylvester Kobayashi (Maternal Grandfather)
Tia Kobayashi (Maternal Grandmother)
George Kobayashi (Uncle)
Kira Zero (Younger Sister)
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Solar
Status Alive
English Voice Nathan Sharp
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Kamiya

Benjamin Zero is the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Odyssey. A young man hailing from the suburbs of Middleburg who happens to be both a part-time hero of his generation and the first Zero to wield the Keyblade.

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Benjamin has been generally described as a chip off the old block, as he resembles his father during his days as a part-time hero. He has his old man's vibrant red hair but instead of retaining its curly structure, it comes across as tousled and windswept, and a pair of piercing dark-brown eyes passed on to him by his mother. Before and throughout his escapades as a Keyblade wielder with the team, he's been painted as a charismatic and striking young man having a smile that underlies an artful intent waiting to be shown for the right moment.

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  • He was born in January 8.
  • Like Penn, Benjamin is a talented dancer and has an extensive taste for music.
    • He typically listens to jazz, acid-jazz, art rock, funk rock, jazz rock, pop rock, skateboard punk, progressive rock....