Brightful Plains
Origin Fan-made
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Legend's Quest
Theme Music Morrowind
Battle Music Dancing Mad Remix

Brightful Plains is a world in Kingdom Hearts: Legend's Quest. It is where Dorogan Naito (the canon name of the main character) is trained by Master Xesthan. Brightfull Plains hasn't played much of a role in the story.

Kingdom Hearts: Legend's QuestEdit

This is where the Dorogan is trained briefly until a messenger comes to Master Xesthan. Right after, the Xesthan goes to keyblade graveyard. All that happens is that Doragon fights unversed and you have a very brief confrontation with Pete. A man mentioned that Malificent had been trying to take over the world for years, although it's unknown if Xesthan and Malificent have ever met.

Kingdom Hearts: Legend's Quest II Destiny of the Slient Generations Passing OnEdit

The world is shown in the ending where Doragon and Master Xesthan have returned. In the credits, the Warrior of Light is shown and Void's Shadow as ghosts very a short amount of time.

Kingdom Hearts:Legend's Quest III The 6 Sages' Mission, find the 6th Lost LegacyEdit

Brightfull plains is shown in only in the beginning when Doragon to help Ventus on his task.

Kingdom Hearts:Legend's Quest IV MemoriesEdit

Brightfull Plains makes short appearance at the beginning in one of Doragon's flashbacks. It is also shown after the credits with Cade, Void's Shadow, and Master Xesthan talking and 2 mysterious people, a man and a woman were briefly shown. The woman asked if it was time to kill Doragon,but her husband(the man) said that they must wait. So that he will met his end, just like his parents.


Before Master Xesthan ever stepped into this world, it was an abondoned Keyblade Academy. The Academy once was used back when there were multiple keyblade wielders, being called "Keyblade Academy". Although after the Keyblade War, there wasn't anyone left. 800 years later, Master Xesthan found this world and helped bring residents in the world. Master Xesthan stayed there for 15 years, not being seen by anyone. The reasons why he wasn't seen until he found Dorogan are unknown.

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