Captain Phoebus
337px-Captain Phoebus KH3D
Kana フィーバス
Romaji Fībasu
Origin The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Original Name Phoebus
Type Human
Role Ally
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Home World La Cité des Cloches
Family Esmeralda
Weapon Sword
English Voice Phil Lamarr
Japanese Voice Souma Suzuki

Captain Phoebus is a character who is originally from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

In KH: ITHOTCR, he escorts Paddra Yeul. However Frollo abducts Yeul, but lets Garland distract Prishe. It's up to the heroine Sanguia to help Phoebus find his way. Frollo made Yeul a gypsy, he abducts her and calls forth Sorceress Adel with Ultimecia and Garland. Before Frollo's death, Phoebus teams up with Prishe and Sanguia to find way while Esmeralda and Quasimodo protech the church, Frollo summons a Dark Angel reminiscent of Bayonetta's Angel Beings of Paradiso, fighting Sanguia & Umbrana /Fulmen. After Frollo's Death, Kefka and Mateus take revenge on allies of Fulmen/Sanguia, however the Celestial Light Of The Celestial Realm from hands of Sanguia or Fulmen drive them away. Phoebus thanks him/her for saving Esmeralda and Yeul.

In the second episode, Phoebus has a son Zephyr and Sanguia or Fulminare see them. Sanguia and Umbrana think that Phoebus is a fan of Warriors Of Cosmic Light.

When time distortion-compression happens, Phoebus has been here in Scottish Kingdom, here, he meets Queen Elinor (KH: ITHOTCR), she also tells him to be her bodyguard...


  • To Paddra: I will be on your way to protect you.
  • To Prishe: Whoa! You may be like a gypsy to me.
  • To Queen Elinor: Your Majesty! I am at your service.
  • To Fiore (Star Ocean: Faithless and Integrity): That strange girl? Is it you?
  • To Fulmen: At your service.
  • To Lumina: Your Highness.