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Kana カス (Kasu)
Type Human
Role Protagonist/Assistance
Home World Radiant Garden
Weapon Daggers

Cath is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Heartspawn. She is a supporting protagonist and friend of Blain and Kryke.


Cath has been friends with Blain and Kryke since their childhood. She trained herself in combat as a little girl and learned to fight with daggers. She and Kryke were defending their home town, Radiant Garden, when Blain and Sora returned to help out. She and Kryke tagged along with Blain on his quest throughout the worlds. She and Kryke were captured by Xensur in the World that Never Was, but were eventually rescued by Blain after he defeated Xensur.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Cath fights with a dagger in each hand. She has very quick attack patterns but her defense is a bit low. Like Kryke, she learns the elemental spells that Blain learns throughout their journey. She also has her own special attacks.

Bang-erang --- Throws her daggers, damaging any foes in front of her. The daggers return to her after a few seconds like boomerangs.

Swift Stab --- Lunges, stabbing with her daggers multiple times. It is hard for enemies to block this attack.

Monkey Claw --- Pounces at the nearest enemy, thrusting both daggers down, causing heavy damage. However, this attack leaves her back vulnerable.

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