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This article, Cecelia Kirk, is the creative property of Frozen Keyblade Master.

Kana セシリア (Seshiria)
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Supernova
Alias Cece
Type Human
Age 17
"If I were to chose between dying for my family and dying for my friends, I'd do both because, I am strong. I live long and prosper. My name is Cecelia Kirk and I, along with my brother James, am a member of Starfleet!"
—Cecelia to Khan

Cecelia Anne Greene-Kirk is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Supernova and Azurine's love interest.


Cecelia was born on 2241.51 (June 1, 2241) in Riverside, Iowa, to Winona Kirk and Frank Greene.


Cecelia starts out as a mature 

Physical AppearanceEdit


Journal EntriesEdit

Entry 1Edit

A fair maiden who is James T. Kirk's 17-year-old rebellious stepsister.

She may look like a weak-willed damsel-in-distress who can't even defend herself, but never underestimate a girl by her fighting style.

Entry 2Edit

James T. Kirk's wild and butt-kicking 18-year-old sister.

Since the attack on the Federation and her best friend/sweetheart, Azurine, by the treacherous John Harrison, she's been motivated to hunt help her elder brother and the rest of the Enterprise's crew hunt him down and bring him to justice.



  • "Who are you, and how did you come across my home?"
  • "Isn't the view beautiful, Azurine?"
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  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
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  • ""



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