These are the Characters, both Protagonists and Antagonists, from Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant series.


Ayano KatagiriEdit

The reincarnated Malevolence who has risen to take over Liberty City and Settle unfinished business in Kingdom Hearts. She is the Primary Antagonist of the series the Leader of the Saint's Row and likes to say "Overrated" a lot.

Niko BellicEdit

The Main Character of Grand Theft Auto IV, and the second Capo of the Saint's Row. He also makes other appearances in different fanons and news.

Miyuki KatagiriEdit

Is the sister of Ayano Katagiri and Former Capo of the Vongola Family in Liberty City. She leaves the Vongola and later on assists her sister in the destruction of Kingdom Hearts.

Jason VoorheesEdit

A very strong antagonist. Nearly indestructible and an outsider of the organization.


A special character in the Final Remnant and the Leading Lady from Remnant: Change the World! series in an alternate wiki. She is also Kyle Luminara's best friend and assistant in each event in both series said above.


Vector ZeroEdit

A man who believes in Justice and strongly dislikes Ayano Katagiri for her injustice in Liberty City and later on attacks her in the second party at Cataligula's casino, and ambushes Ayano in Hell.


Is the complete being of Malevolence Crystalsied. However, in since Malevolence died her body was not used and replaced by a new one. She is commonly referenced in the series.


Is the former member of Saint's Row, and assists Ayano early in the game. later on killed after Are you sure your the Main character? chapter. Because of knowing to much of Ayano Katagiri's plan to destroy Kingdom Hearts once again.

Minor CharactersEdit

Final RemnantEdit

The former leader of the Remnant Family and the Father of both Mars and Kyle Remnant. He is killed in the introduction.

Kyle RemnantEdit

The son of Final Remnant and the supposed leader of the Remnant Family. He is also killed by Ayano to have control of the Saint's Row much longer.

December HaruhiEdit

A minor character and later on the protagonist of "The Saint's and Diablo's".

Kyle LuminaraEdit

The Protagonist of Remnant: Change the World! series and a very minor character in the Final Remnant.

Huang LeeEdit

The Protagonist of GTA: Chinatown Wars and witnessed the death of Xin. Xin searched for him at one point but failed. Not much is known about his as her is only referenced and does not make an actual appearance in the game.

Aeon LunarEdit

The supposed protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts Stories as bent cop. And a Keyblade user. However he dies early in the game.


An unseen member of the Saint's Row and is only referenced in the past after Ayano kills King.

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