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GTA V Independence

Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant is connected to multiple and up coming Fanon Stories from Ribbons.

Connections to Created Fanon'sEdit

Remnant: Change the World!Edit

Is a series in which Kyle Luminara and Naga are the primary Protagonists and Malevolence and the Holy Blade Order as the antagonists. Both Kyle Luminara and Naga appear but havign a diffrent apperance.

Grand Theft Auto V: Independence CityEdit

An alternate fanon that is set in Independence City and the Protagonist Mark Dependence has Mars, Kyle, Final and Agito Remnant as primary antagonists. This fanon has a much more Grand Theft Auto style in the transcripts. This is an upcoming series.

Grand Theft Auto IV StoriesEdit

The area is set in Liberty City in the IV era. Also along with the protagonist Niko Bellic. This series storyline is similar to Grand Theft Auto IV.

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