This article, Covenantslayer1, is the creative property of The spy1.

John-117 Halo 4 Render
Kana コベナントスレイアー・ワン
Alias Neutral/heroes
Type Human/Spartan-II
Role Gmodder/TF2 player
Age 17
Family Unknown
Weapon Various
Status Alive

Covenantslayer1 is a stand-in character for the user of the same name. He is set to appear with Kingdom Hearts characters in his first Gmod short.


He wears the Halo 4 incarnation of the armor The Master Chief wore but does not live up to the character's standards. He is known to be cowardly at times especially when facing enemies such as Painis Cupcake or in more ridiculous situations such as going through a (fake) haunted house. However (ironically) he enjoys classic and some modern horror movies that Kairi can't handle and has been known to not let her watch the films (an example is the 1982 version of The Thing) due to either the scare factor, amount of gore, nudity (where its common), or due a past experience. He often seen on his computer either watching videos, reading fan fiction or wikis, or playing Team Fortress 2. Though at times he is armed in some situations.


He seems to be a gentle giant, as he only attacks enemies when they attack him or his friends are hurt or killed and he is seeking revenge. In Team Fortress 2 He will kill anyone on the opposing team unless they are friendly but will go on a rampage as a Heavy if he is dominated by one or more players on the other team when he is trying to be friendly, or if there is a sentry or sentry nest in an illegal spot in a server and the engineers responsible refuse to remove them despite his pleas and warnings, he has been known to slaughter opposing team members without mercy or remorse until he reaches and kills, or destroys, his target and then returns to his normal, calm, self. He seems to have a big brother type relationship with Kairi.


  • Covenantslayer1 is the YouTube, Steam, and Deviantart username for The spy1.
    • He also has a Xbox LIVE account but the e's are replaced by 3s due to the username being taken by another user.
    • The c is normaly undercased for the accounts themselves.
  • Much as his personality is based on real life events in Team Fortress 2 and his real life.
  • He is implied to be an officer of the United Universe Federation.
    • This a reference to the story created under the username chimera hunter Earth Prime.
  • He appeared in a tumbnail for his first gameplay video, which is the first level of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin in which he seen sneaking on one of the game's enemies unknowing that more are in the same room.
    • The image was made in Gmod in the office map from Counter-Strike: Source

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