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Crono Silverius
Kana クロノシルヴェリアス (Kurono Shiruveriasu)
Origin Original
Original Name SilverCrono
Alias Crono, Silver
Type Human (?)
Role Antagonist
Age 31
Home World First seen on Earth
Weapon Gunblade (Blaze Saber)
Attribute None
Status Alive

Crono Silverius is a major antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening.


The StartEdit

Crono is first seen by Allen when the meteors are attacking the city. He is standing on top of a building, and is looking at him ominously.

Darkness of The TruthEdit

Crono's true part in this story starts in Baron. Before Golbez's attack, he is seen in the shadows telling him the plan and to summon the meteor. He is the one behind the attack, and pulls the strings. After Golbez's plan fails, he flees the planet to the Subspace Emissary.

Splitting of The LightEdit

Here, Crono is at the Subspace Emissary. He is seen in the dark dimension commanded by Tabuu. He informs Tabuu that Allen is coming to the planet, and that he will overthrow the arena and cause prisoners to revolt all over the planet. Not one to let this happen, Crono manipulates Tabuu to attack Allen, Mario, and Meta Knight. He is pleased when Tabuu wins and takes the three into the Void.


Crono is first physically seen by protagonists on Asteroid M. He is in the meeting Magneto hosts on the planet, and is overseeing methods of how to summon Galactus.

Swarm of ChaosEdit

Crono is seen at the Netherworld. He is in the Overlord's Castle, along with a newly converted evil Laharl. He oversees Laharl attack Lexaln, Dante, Occidere, and Ceodore. He reinforces his cold and uncaring nature by watching his henchman die without helping at all. He orders the Heartless he commands to overthrow and seal the Keyhole of the world, destroying it. He somehow manages to escape unscathed.


Crono next appears at the Keyblade Graveyard, along with his right-hand men Alalngar and Jushur. He is found by Lexaln Siurt, who is going crazy looking for his true self. He sneers at the mislead, frantic Nobody, and challenges him. The two fight, and Crono taunts Lexaln about his Heartless and Somebody.

After defeating the Nobody, Crono decides to toy with him some more. He summons Lexaln's Heartless, AntiAllen, and the two battle. As AntiAllen is absorbed and Lexaln blacks out to battle in his Awakening stand, Alalngar and Jushur move to kill the Nobody. They are intercepted by Lexaln's former allies, Dante Saxon, Occidere Way, and Ceodore Harvey, and they protect him from the two. Crono watches in the background as his henchmen begin to get the upper hand.

Suddenly, a bright light emerges from the Nobody and he awakens, victorious. Annoyed, Crono tells his henchmen to retreat, and the three escape as Lexaln is killed by his allies and Allen Trius is reborn.


Crono has pale white skin. He has on a black cloak and short, spiky black hair. His eyes are jet black, his coat has a hood, and he has many white straps throughout the coat.


Crono is a ruthless man. He doesn't hesitate to kill innocents, and has extreme confidence and self-esteem. Even when his plans fail, he takes it in stride and continues to cover the failure. He likes others to do his work for him, but won't hesitate to do what he has to do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Crono is very fast, and uses a gunblade, much like Lexaln. However, unlike Lexaln, his model enables very fast and still powerful moves. It shoots from long-range, as well.

Fighting StyleEdit

Crono employs no magic, but can teleport through portals of darkness. He jumps and teleports around, and slashes opponents with his Blaze Saber model gunblade. He is very hard to hit, making him a deadly and dangerous enemy.

Other AppearancesEdit

Destiny's ReachEdit

Main article: Crono Silverius/Destiny's Reach

Crono is confirmed to make an appearance in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts as a villain, serving under Dark Sora. His nemesis is Allen Trius.


  • Crono was first established as a secret character that could be recruited on the Johto League.[1]



This article, Crono Silverius, is the creative property of SilverCrono.

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