Kana デミトリ-オリオン (Demitori-Orion)
Type Human
Role Antagonist
Age 17 (Physically)

25 (Mentaly)

Home World Unknown
Family Demitri, Orion
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Darkness, Reflect
Status Alive
Demitri-Orion is an entity created at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Shattered when Demitri forces his Heart into Orion's body.


Demitri-Orion looks identical to Orion, meaning he wears a dark red T-shirt with a torn right sleeve, and black jeans, and he has a scar going from his right temple to the bridge of his nose, however his eyes turn yellow, and his hair turns stark white.


Though he only appears for a short time, Demitri-Orion seems to have a personality identical to Demitri's, however there are minor differences, most likely due to influence from Orion. These include a seemingly irrational hatred for Mira, and a desire to be left alone.




Demitri-Orion has a very intimate relationship with Orion, seeing as Orion's body is the host for Demitri's Heart.


Demitri-Orion has an intimate relationsip with Demitri for the same reason as he does Orion.


Due to influence from Orion's Heart, Demitri-Orion has an intense hatred for Mira, and due to Demitri's influence, tries to kill her.


Cutscene QuotesEdit

"You.......your Mira? I.....hate.......HATE.....Die!"

"I am all but invicible now, you can't hope to stop me!"


  • Demitri-Orion can be unlocked for Multiplayer mode if both Orion and Mira's stories are completed, and you obtain all Secret Reports.
  • Demitri-Orion speaks with both Demitri and Orion's voices (in a similar way to the fusions from Dragon Ball Z), and the dominate voice tells you who is in control.

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