Demon's Valor
 Dimonsu Varōru)
Demon's Valor
"A Keyblade with unknown limits."
Strength Magic
+6 +2

Demon's Valor is a Keychain for Suné's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. This Keyblade is the sister Keyblade of Angel's Wisdom.


The hilt of the Keyblade appears to be a set of bat-like wings extending downward with a purple diamond on top of the handle, resembling that of Oblivion. The teeth are in the shape of another set of bat-like wings with another purple diamond. The chain's designs are six ascending diamonds and the Keychain itself looks like the symbol that appears in Sora's Valor Form.



  • The picture above was supposed to be the original design and was supposed to be named Demon's Fang. But this was changed due to the creation of Angel's Wisdom, being it's sister Keyblade.

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