Kana デモパン
Origin The New Face of TF2 (2010)
Alias none
Type Human
Role Trader/neutral
Age Unknown
Home World TF2 universe/Gmod universe
Family none
Weapon Frying pan, Chargin' Targe
Attribute Trading
Status Alive
"Stout Shako for two Refined!"
—Demopan making a trade

The Demopan is a neutral character seen in much media since he first appeared in 2010. He will appear as possibly the main antangonist of Covenantslayer1's first Gmod short.


Demopan was spotted sometime in the december of 2010 as the demoman loadout for a user called "STOUT SHAKO FOR TWO REFINED" and later became so popular he became a common member of both the Gmod and TF2 universes. It is said that Sora was at Disney Castle when he first saw the Demopan. It has been said the Demopan wanted to trade a stout shako for 2 refined metal if Sora had any but left calmly when Sora informed him he had never heard of refined metal (the first person to not face Demopan's wrath after declining a trade). Demopan is liked, hated, and even feared by many who encounter him.

Personality and ApperanceEdit

Demopan is a BLU demoman wearing a Bounty Hat, a Dangeresque Too?. He is almost always cheerful and enthusiastic in his travels to selling Stout Shakos for a pair of refined metal. He is alos very proud of himself as he trades with anyone he sees. If the other trader accepts Demopan's request, he would kindly thank them and befriend them, but if the trader declines the request or scams the Demopan, he will become enraged and attempt to whack the trader in question with his entire arsenal and any attempts for the trader to calm him would be useless. Pete refused Demopan's trade on one occasion and Pete was ultimately whacked by Demopan harder than previous scammers and decliners.


  • The Demopan has become a popular figure figure in internet memes and pop culture.
  • Demopan is among the most reconizable fan-made TF2 characters to exist.
  • His popularity seems to be at the point of almost being as popular as many of the Kingdom Hearts characters. 



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