Dire Despot (KH: Ultima)
Dire Despot
Dire Despot
Age unknown
Title The dark judge
Occupation villain
Family none
Gender male
First appearance KH: Ultima
Original name None

Be prepared mortals, for judgement shall be swift! - Dire Despot

Dire Despot is a lesser demon, and a loyal servant of Mephilose Draygohn, along with Dark Arthur and Vile Merlin. He carries a large sword called the "Dark Judgement", and masters the powers of Darkness and Necromancy.



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Battle with ZephyrEdit

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Dire Despot is heartless and cold, a true killer. He serves Mephilose loyally, and considers creatures of the light "guilty in the face of judgement of Mephilose". His only desire is to see Mephilose's plans be completed.

Theme on this wikiEdit

Dire Despot's theme is "Hunter of the Dark", the same as the boss Dark Hide from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

Hunter of the Dark (Red Eye Boss Theme) - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix OST02:56

Hunter of the Dark (Red Eye Boss Theme) - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix OST

Dire Despot's theme

Notes and triviaEdit

  • His name and appearance is based on the Mutant of the same name in "Mutants: Genetic Gladiators", a face book game.

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