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Strength Magic
-5 -5
Sticky Spitty and the ability of tongue
Find all 99 puppy corpses.

The Dogblade is a Keyblade from KINGDOM HEARTS III.

Retrieving the DogbladeEdit

The Dogblade is retrieved by Sora after the player finds all 99 dead corpses of the Dalmatians scattered throughout the worlds. Along with the Dogblade, you also retrieve the ability of tongue when you find the dead puppies.

Abilities and AdvantagesEdit

There are none, it sucks, we know. However it does have -5 Magic and -5 Strength. And a cool keychain and free candy. It provides Sticky Spitty, which licks the foes and sometimes Donald* and Goofy, making them leave without a trace. The power of tongue is necessary later for when finally Kairi is found. ;)



Overall, you shouldn't even bother to find all 99 corpses because it will come back and bite you in the end.

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