Endor matte
Origin Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
Star Wars: Ewoks
Stories Coming soon
Theme Music Introduction/Main Title (from Ewok Adventures)
Parade of the Ewoks
Battle Music The Forest Battle
Party Member Johnny 5

Endor is a Forest Moon Based on Star Wars Series, including Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: Ewoks.

Settings and AreasEdit

Bright Tree VillageEdit

There are shops in Bright Tree Village, including an item shop run by Fufuneek, an accessory shop run by Leektar, a weapon shop run by Romba, an armor shop run by Warok, and a synthesis shop owned by Mocchi the Moogle.

Dragon's SpineEdit

Dragon's PeltEdit

Magic LakeEdit

Marauder StrongholdEdit

Pyramid of the Golden OneEdit

Salma DesertEdit

Zarrak's MountainEdit



  • Towani Family
  • Noa Briqualon (ノア・ブライクァロン, Noa Buraikwaron)
  • Johnny 5 (ジョニー5, Jonī Faibu): Originally known as S.A.I.N.T. Prototype Number 5 (セイント・プロトタイプ・ナンバー・ファイブ, Seinto Purototaipu Nanbā Faibu) (S.A.I.N.T. being short for "Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport"). The Ewoks soon discover that Johnny's new gold plating make him one of the Ewok gods, the Golden One. He wears a red bandana around his neck and many stickers on his body to distinguish himself.
  • Dino Ultrazord (究極大獣神, Kyūkyoku Daijūjin, Ultimate Great Beast God, "Ultimate Daizyujin"): Combination of Dino Megadzillazord and Titanus the Carrierzord. He is made up of the Seven Guardians of Light, the Dinozords, he is the mightiest of all their combinations. His finisher includes a massive barrage of energy called the Mega Barrage (グランバニッシャー, Guran Banisshā, "Grand Banisher").
    • Dino Megadzillazord (獣帝大獣神, Jūtei Daijūjin, Beast Emperor Great Beast God, "Zyutei Daizyujin"): Combination of Dino Megazord and Godzillazord, in which Godzillazord forms the shoulder armor for Dino Megazord. He attacks his enemies with an energy blast from his chest and shoulder armor called the Dino Blast (カイザーバースト, Kaizā Bāsuto, "Kaiser Burst"), and his finisher is a massive energy ball called the Draco Fireball (エンパイアアタック, Enpaia Atakku, "Empire Attack").
    • Titanus the Carrierzord (獣騎神キングブラキオン, Jūkishin Kingu Burakion, "Beast Knight God King Brachion"): The Dinozord of Heart. The biggest and the wisest of his fellow Dinozords. When Titanus is summoned with the power of the Heartbeam Crystals (心のかがやき結晶, Kokoro no Kagayaki Kesshō) from the thirteen Princesses of Heart, he emerges from a misty forest area on Endor. Usually comes whenever Dino Ultrazord is needed. His special attack is Holy Fireball.
  • Pyramidas (キングピラミッダー, Kingu Piramiddā, "King Pyramider")
  • Lokar (大サタン, Dai Satan, "Dai-Satan"): An ethereal demonic head and the ultimate evil of the Seven Guardians of Light/Dinozords. Eventually, Lokar's Tower was used to summon him to the moon of Endor so that he could upgrade the Gorax's power to defeat the Dino Megazord and Godzillazord. However, after the Rangers completed a ceremony to restore the ultimate form of the Seven Guardians of Light, the Gorax was destroyed by Dino Megadzillazord and Lokar was driven back to Tana by Dino Ultrazord.
  • Mocchi


  • Warrick family
    • Deej Warrick (ディージ・ウォリック, Dīju Worikku)
    • Shodu Warrick (ショードゥ・ウォリック, Shodu Worikku)
    • Weechee Warrick (ウィーチー・ウォリック, Wīchī Worikku): Deej and Shodu’s first born child.
    • Widdle Warrick (ウィドル・ウォリック, Widoru Worikku): Second born child of Deej and Shodu.
    • Wicket Wystri Warrick (ウィケット・ウィストリ・ウォリック, Wiketto Wistori Worikku): Third born son of Deej and Shodu. Good friends with Teebo and Kneesaa.
    • Winda Warrick (ウィンダ・ウォリック, Winda Worikku): Deej and Shodu’s youngest child.
  • Ewok Shaman Logray (イウォークの呪術師ログレー, Iwōku no Jujutsushi Rogurē): Shaman of the Ewok tribe, and Chief Chirpa’s advisor.
  • Ewok Chief Chirpa (イウォークの酋長チャーパ, Iwōku no Shūchō Chāpa): Chief of the Ewok Tribe, Chirpa is the father of Asha and Kneesaa.
  • Princess Asha (アーシャ, Āsha): The first daughter of Chief Chirpa.
  • Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka (ニーサ・ア・ジャリ・キンターカ, Nīsa a Jari Kintāka): Chief Chirpa's second and youngest daughter. Good friends with Wicket and Latara and one of the Princesses of Heart whose crystal is needed to summon Titanus the Carrierzord.
  • Paploo (パプルー, Papurū)
  • Bozzie (ボジー, Bojī)
  • Warok (ウォロック, Worokku): Shopkeeper of the Bright Tree Village's armor shop.
  • Batheela (バッチーラ, Batchīra): Warok's wife.
  • Teebo (ティーボ, Tībo): Good friends with Wicket, Kneesaa and Latara.
  • Malani (マラーニ, Marāni): Teebo’s little sister.
  • Lumat (ルマット, Rumatto)
  • Zephee (ゼフィー, Zefī)
  • Latara (ラターラ, Ratāra): Good friends with Kneesaa.
  • Wiley (ワイリー, Wairī): The son of Lumat and Zephee and the brother of Latara and Nippet.
  • Nippet (ニペット, Nipetto): The daughter of Lumat and Zephee and the sister of Latara and Wiley.
  • Chirita (チリータ, Chrīta): The love interest of Weechee Warrick.
  • Chukha-Trok (チュカ=トロック Chuka-Torokku): Woodcutter of the Ewok Tribe.
  • Ewok Priestess Kaink (イウォークの尼僧カインク, Iwōku no Nisō Kainku): Priestess of the Ewok Tribe.
  • Fufuneek (フュフュニーク, Fyufyunīku): Shopkeeper of the Bright Tree Village's item shop.
  • Leektar (リークター, Rīkutā): Shopkeeper of the Bright Tree Village's accessory shop.
  • Romba (ロンバ, Ronba): Shopkeeper of the Bright Tree Village's weapon shop.


  • Dulok King Gorneesh - King of the Duloks.
  • Dulok Queen Urgah - Queen of the Duloks.



Pureblood HeartlessEdit

Emblem HeartlessEdit



Nightmare Dream EatersEdit

Evil AliensEdit

Sith OrderEdit



Type Items Found Locations Notes
Regular Elixir
Power-Ups AP Boost Bright Tree Village
Synthesis Shining Shard Royal Hut
Shining Stone Logray's Hut
Shining Gem Magic Lake
Shining Crystal Zarrak's Mountain
Shimmering Crystal x5 Logray's Hut, Magic Lake, Marauder Stronghold: Tower Hall, Pyramid of the Golden One, Royal Hut
Mythril Shard
Mythril Stone
Mythril Gem
Mythril Crystal
Diamond Coral Castle: Treasure Chamber
Bronze Logray's Hut
Silver x2 Logray's Hut, Warrick Family Hut
Gold x3 Coral Castle: Treasure Chamber, Logray's Hut, Pyramid of the Golden One
Platinum Logray's Hut
Orichalcum Shard
Orichalcum Stone
Orichalcum Gem
Orichalcum Crystal Dragon's Pelt
Maps Endor Map Bright Tree Village
Ingredients Sunberry Pie Bright Tree Village
Mattberry Juice Dragon's Pelt, Marauder Stronghold: Tower Hall
Blumfruit Muffin Bright Tree Village, Magic Lake
Dangleberry Shake Magic Lake, Marauder Stronghold: Tower Hall
Special Oathkeeper Pyramid of the Golden One

Dalmatian PuppiesEdit

  • 61, 62, & 63 - Marauder Stronghold: Tower Hall