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The Fervid are creatures - similar to Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed - made of pure power. They are a materialization of one's passion, determination and lust for power. They are controlled by Onyx and are part of his plan. They are the primary antagonists in Kingdom Hearts Iridescence

Appearance and PowersEdit

The Fervid are, like Heartless and Unversed, creatures varying greatly in shape and size, but they all share some common points : they are usually red, black and gold, and with many sharp "spikes" on their skin. They all carry the Fervid Insignia (a red and gold heart-shaped emblem adorned with multiple fire-like spikes)

Though they vastly vary in terms of power, the Fervid can oppose a threat to anyone who cannot wield the Keyblade, the only weapon able to slay them. Their main preoccupation is to destroy and to gain power, which makes them dangerous opponents. Furthermore, they feed on Power itself, so a power-hungry opponent would only reinforce them.


Fervid were born from the Keyblade War, that war that opposed wielders of Light and Darkness for the possession of the X-Blade. The incredible lust for power that both sides had spawned the birth of those creatures. Onyx, Dark Keyblade Wielder, found a way to use them to carry his own plans. Due to his megalomania and thirst for godhood, the Fervid chose to follow him.

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