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Flint's Maiden
(フリントスメイデン Furintosu Meiden)
"A hard-hitting gun of a blade.
Increases potency of projectile magic."
Strength Magic
+3 +3
Nathaniel Koroshiya
Magic Snipe
Complete the Awakening
Use Synch Blade

Flint's Maiden is Flintlass's main Keyblade. Through Synch Blade, Nathaniel can also wield it, alongside the Court Guard.


Flint's Maiden is similar in structure to Master Eraqus's Keyblade. The Keyblade's shaft is hollow, and made of dull grey metal. The teeth are two metal squares with slots removed from each side. The hilt is made of two flintlock pistols, with a metal ring on the inside of where the stocks touch. A hexagonal pink gem is embedded in the top of the guard. The Keychain charm is a miniature tricornered hat.

Flint's Maiden is named after a rough translation of Nathaniel's Zanpakutō's name; Hiuchiishi no Otome.


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