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Freddy is an antatagonist in Kingdom Hearts 2010.

Early LifeEdit

Freddy was born in the 1960's from Amanda Krueger. It was no ordinary bith though. One year before Krueger was born Amanda was accidently locked in a tower which held the dangerous criminals. She was raped and beaten. When they found her she was barely alive and with child. Amanda died of child birth, and Fred was labled the bastard son of a hundred maniacs. Afterwards Freddy was sent to a foster home where he was abused. Fred eventually killed his foster dad, and moved out. Freddy was a groundskeeper at Badham preschool where he molested the whole class (Nancy and Quentin and a few others). One day the parents had seen scars on their childeren. The kids told them it was Freddy, and parents hunted him down. He was trapped in a boiler room where the parents burned him alive.

Appearing in dreamsEdit

When the kindergarden kids grew up. Freddy started appearing in their dreams and killed them off one by one. Freddy is supposedly dead in the real world. Weather he's alive or dead is undetermined.


Freddy his burnt all over his body and a still wears the same burnt clothes he wear in when he died.


Freddy is vengeful over his death and will not hesitate to kill anyone in his way. Therfore he has a dark personality.

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