Friar Tuck
Origin Robin hood (1973)
Type Somebody
Role Support character
Home World Nottingham
Weapon Large staff
Status Alive
Friar Tuck is the priest of the merry men led by Robin Hood.


Tuck is first seen berrating the Sheriff of Nottingham for taking gold as tax money to Prince John. While Robin and Sora celebrate taking gold from Prince John, they are informed by Friar Tuck of an archery tournament. at the tournament, Tuck and Alan-a-Dale force Sir hiss into a barrel to stop trouble causings. While the people mock Prince John, he makes of puppet of Prince John. At his church, when no one is coming, he and his church mice begin to denounce Prince John and are captured the Sheriff. When Sora's and Kairi's group converge on the castle and free the prisoners, Friar Tuck also helps in the escape. After the battle resulting his Prince John's capture and the Sheriff's fall to death, Friar Tuck shakes Sora's, Robin's, Kairi's and Marian's hands for helping the plan against Prince John.

In the credits, Friar Tuck weds Robin and Marian.