Friendship's a Breeze
Strength Magic
4+ 3+
Owen Stevens
Given to you by Lexom after the first visit to Zanbar City.

Friendship's a Breeze is a Keyblade wielded exclusively by Owen Stevens in the fan-series Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. It represents Owen's friendship with Lexom. It is obtained after Owen's first visit to Zanbar City.

Design Edit

The shaft is a katana that abruptly curves into Lexom's released sword state, a scimitar, forming the teeth. The scimitar is curved around a spiral, representing Lexom's Wind attribute. The handle bears a similarity to Lexom's katana's handle, albeit having the curved guard on his scimitar rather than a straight one. The guard itself is made up of two leafs blowing in the breeze, referencing to the name of the weapon. The Keychain is another spiral, identical to the one on the top of the blade, only smaller.

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