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Gangs are major in the world of Alderney.


Mobsters are formal gangsters and takes Orginised crime at it's best. They are similar to the Corleone Family of The Godfather or Tony Montana's Crime Family of Scarface.

Saint's RowEdit

See full article Saint's Row

Saint's Row is the Primary Gang in the world of the Final Remnant. They focus on Contract assasination and Robbery. Compared to other Mobsters the Saint's Row does not sell drugs a possible reference to the Corleone Family. Their Members are:

Overall, They are the most powerful gang in the whole Alderney and Liberty City

Vongola FamilyEdit

The Vongola Family is the second most powerful gang in Liberty City. However, Only two characters is intorduced in the series on The Final Remnant.

Cipriani Crime FamilyEdit

Is the Family that control's Portland. Formerly, The Leone Family. But it's name changed due to the death of Salvatore Leone. at the hands of Cluade Speed.


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