Gravity Beetle
Japanese Gravity Beetbood
Origin MegaMan X3 (1995)
Type Maverick
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Family Boomer Kuwanger (Brother)
Attribute Gravity
Status Alive
English Voice Kerrigan Mahan
Japanese Voice Tessho Genda
Gravity Beetbood

Gravity Beetle is one of the 8 Maverick Bosses of MegaMan X3. Like other insect-themed Mavericks, he is now working for SkorpiOh Maximus' division of the Demonizer empire.

Personality Edit

Gravity Beetle is a vengeful madman with serious anger issues, mostly due to the death of his brother, Boomer Kuwanger, and he joined Dr. Doppler's army to get revenge of Mega Man X.

Boss Theme Edit

"Crushing Gravity" is a vocal arrangement of Gravity Beetle's stage theme, and it is the tenth track of the third disc of O.C.Remix's compilation album Mega Man X: Maverick Rising.

Trivia Edit

  • Gravity Beetle's voice actor is Kerrigan Mahan, who voiced Goldar/Grifforzer from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1)/Zyuranger, so it should be no surprise that he recognizes Zero, who is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, the actor that played Adam Park from MMPR Season 2 until Power Rangers Turbo.

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