GunBir Oh
GunBir Oh ~ Valvemax Megazord
Origin Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008)
Alias Valvemax Megazord
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Machine World
Other residences Earth
Weapon Bircutter, Gunpherd Gun
Status Alive
Japanese Voice Soichiro Hoshi(Birca)
Kenji Hamada(Gunpherd)
Kyosei Tsukui(Carrigator)
GunBir Oh is one of the Go-Ongers' giant robots.

Components Edit

  • Birca- Go-On Green's Engine partner #4, an orca / bike, who forms GunBir Oh's left arm.
  • Gunpherd- Go-On Black's Engine partner #5, a german shepherd / police car, who forms GunBir Oh's right arm.
  • Carrigator- Engine #6, an alligator / car carrier, who forms GunBir Oh's head, body, and legs.

Engine Armament Edit

  • Engine Oh G6- Combination of Engines 1-6, or Engine Oh and GunBir Oh.
  • GunBirOh Toriptor- Go-On Gold's Engine partner #7, a chicken / helicopter, can attach to GunBir Oh's right arm.
  • GunBirOh Jetras- Go-On Silver's Engine partner #8, a tiger / jet, can attach to GunBir Oh's right arm.

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