Ganmazin ~ Auric the Conqueror
Origin Chouriki Sentai Ohranger (1995)
Alias Auric the Conqueror, Ganmazin
Type Somebody
Role Ally, Summon
Weapon Mazin Sword
Attribute Fire, Lightning, Wind, Light
Status Alive
English Voice Derek Stephen Prince
Japanese Voice Kazuhiko Inoue
Ganmazin is an ancient ally of the Ohrangers, summoned by placing a magic key into his forehead and reciting the magic words "Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma". He was on another planet trying to get over his fear of Yokai, like the ones fought by the Kakurangers, which is why he did not participate in the Great Legend War, and had just returned to Earth upon learning of Demonizer and their plans for intergalactic conquest. Ganmazin lives to protect the weak and to fight evil though he always prefers to try and talk through a situation before he uses violence (though this almost never works).

Trivia Edit

  • Ganmazin's name was originally romanized as "Gunmazin", even though he is a swordsman. His actual name is derived from "Gan" meaning Japanese for face, referring to his tiki form.
  • Ganmazin is voiced by the same person as his Power Rangers counterpart, who he did not get much screen time(or at least didn't have much of his Ohranger footage imported) in Power Rangers Zeo.