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Gunned Down is the Second Mission from Ayano Katagiri


Xin has been ambushed at Saint Mark's Bistro by the Angels of Death MC, because of this Ayano Katagiri commands Xin to assasinnate Albert Lawson (The Sub Leader of The Angels of Death) after finishing this mission you will receive a 1 star wanted level.


Xin: So this is Marco's Bistro... Now I have to deliver a Pasta to Ayano... Damn her...

Angels of Death: Hey! Mafia Boy! Get Lost!

Xin: What do you think of me somebody who is not high ranked!?

Angels of Death: You asked for it!

The Angels of Death shoots Xin

Xin: Oh Cra-

Xin takes cover behind a Sentinel.

The Angels of Death: So long Mafia Boy!

Xin: Damn!

  • The Scene cuts to Ayano Katagiri and December

Ayano Katagiri: So he was like that! Ahaha!

December: Yeah I know! Hah-

Xin: Aynao! I just got ambushed by some Bikers!

Ayano Katagiri: Strange... Why would they want to ambush you on Leone Turf? say get a gun at Ammu-Nation and blast them.

Ayano Katagiri: Oh and get me a Pistol. I want some real guns not like this dumb toy!

Ayano Katagiri pulls out a Keyblade and Throws a Keyblade at Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees: ...

Ayano Katagiri: Opps Sorry bout that!

Mission Obtain a Gun from Ammu-Nation

Obtained the gun.

Kill Albert Lawson!

Albert Lawson: You will never get me kid!

  • runs of with his bike.

Take a bike and Kill Albert Lawson!

Killed Albert Lawson

Xin: How does my Lead feel Biker Boy!

Mission Complete!


Ends Ayano Katagiri's line of missions, $500 dollar reward and Unlocks SupaSave! for Kyle Remnant and The Call for Xin himself.

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