Origin Rambo III (1988)
Type Somebody
Role Support Character
Home World Rambo Universe
Weapon Kar98k

Mosin Nagant M91/30

Status Alive
Hamid is a young Mujahideen fighter during the events of Rambo III


Hamid is first introduce when Mousa introduces him to Sora and his comrades. Hamid explains how he got into the Mujahideen and how he wishes the Soviets would leave. After a special horse game, a Russian helicopter attacks. Rambo and Sora take out the chopper and know they had to take Hamid and Mousa to the base Trautman is being held in. As things go well at first, Hamid is nearly captured, but Rambo helps him and the mission fails. The next day, Hamid and other Mujahideen fighters arrive to help Sora, Trautman and Rambo in the final battle against Zaysen's army. After Zaysen is defeated, Hamid shakes Kairi's hands to wish her luck on her loveship with Sora.