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Type Human
Age 20(when died) 24 (when resserected)
Home World China
Weapon oathkeeper
Status Resserected

Hayden is a protagonist of Kingdom Hearts 2010.

Life Before RessurectionEdit

Hayden came from china she may not look chinese but her parents went there to escape war. When she was 14 her parents shot themselves when they found that their daughter murdered a kid at her school. At the age of 18 she was in a commited relashtionship with Scott Christensen. When she turned 19 Scott found out that she killed hundreds of people and forms a plan. At their wedding he would kill her. Scott proposed to her at her 20th birthday. Hayden was waiting for this for two years and was so happy that......she said "yes". Before the wedding begins a hooded man comes up to Scott and says "You Fool!". At the stand before Scott said "I do" he takes a kitchen knife from his jacket and knifes her in the chest.

Life After ResserectionEdit

Lumaria the hooded man at the wedding had dug up hayden's body and preformed a resserection ritual which succeeded. Hayden was pissed when she found out what scott had done. She was a girl of the theatrics and when she came through the doors of Scott's home she looked the same as when she was at her wedding. Hayden took the butcher knife he had killed her with and cut his arms, legs, and head off. Eventually she found justin and Arthur and worked with them through several missions.


Hayden is not afraid of death her being knifed in the chest and all. She does a lot of scrapbooking when it comes to her memories(also loves setting those books on fire). If the people whom thought she was dead said bad things about her. Hayden would make a theatrical entrance and thier body ends up in a ditch.


Hayden has yellow eyes but usually has blue eyes when not doing a mission. Sometimes Hayden would use an old blanket to let her opponent think she's old woman. She hides a pistol in her jacket but never uses it. And Hayden won't hesitate to be covered in blood when it comes to killing someone.


To find out more about Hayden an Episode called Past Life will be released in October along with the final part of 2010. She'll also appear in Episode:Shooter




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