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Gates of hell

The Gates (Are you excited to go there? Just Kidding ^.)


Hell is the Final Battle place of Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant, Every element used in this are is decreased by 70% and thus making it an extermely difficult place to use magic in.


The Gates of HellEdit

Is an area where Vector Zero an assasin will make his apperance in the chapter "The Gates of Hell". Ayano Katagiri who is now known as Loki, Will search for Hel the God of Hell in The Final Remnant. A battle between both Naga and the assasin Vector Zero.


The Gates of HellEdit

Is the first area in Hell. No random encounter will appear here. This is where the search for Hel begins.

Mainland HellEdit

Mainland Hell is the second area. It is unusually peaceful compared to what it says in the Bible.

Detour (To Death!)Edit

Is a very small part of Hell which is blocked off and does not allow the player to enter. This is a reference to the movie "Wrong Turn" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

Candyman CandystoreEdit

Is a shop that sells Items to the player. another Reference to the Horror Movie "Candyman".

Hel's CastleEdit

Is the second to the last area so far no violent event happens until Hel reaches Mainland Hell.


  • Hell has multiple areas left this is still incomplete

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