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Hell Blade
(地獄のブレード jigoku no burēdo)
"Lava keyblade. this legendary keynlade is ultimate rare keyblade"
Strength Magic
+32 +12
Kirota Akira
Fire air waves and Missiles shot
Chase the dusk who steal the Akira's necklace. Wait until the movie begin.

Hellblade, the legendary strongest keyblade for ever. Just one person in keyblade warrior can use this keyblade. This keyblade is ultimate rare keyblade. This keyblade is have many things special, like four missiles on the side,heart ruby for the keychain, and any things more...

Special AbilitiesEdit

This keyblade is have many abilities. All abilities is strong abilities. But many people can't unlock the special abilities. They just can slash something like normal people. But if tey unlock it, they never change they're keyblade. This is all of the abilities...

  • Missile shot.
  • Magma armor, in the user body and the hellblade.
  • Fire air waves.
  • Change into the others forms.

All FormsEdit

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