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Heroes From An Old World
Developer(s) INFERNOX (has had other author contributions)
Genre Action/Adventure/Romance
Game Modes Free World

Heroes From An Old World is a Sonic/Kingdom Hearts crossover fanfiction which serves as the owned character's storylines of the Sonic Chronicles series which also includes the stories of Vanitas, Aqua, and the Lingering Sentiment. Any other inclusion of KH characters to this part of the story is unknown as of yet.

The chapters (un-edited, original versions) will be posted on the site, although they originally came from Fanfiction.Net.

Click on the chapter title to proceed to each individual chapter.



Chapter 1: Mistress Of The MeteoriteEdit

Chapter 2: The Seedrian's StoryEdit

Chapter 3: My World Of AleannasEdit

Chapter 4: A Scourge From BeyondEdit

Chapter 5: Never-Ending FriendsEdit

Chapter 6: Arrival And DepartureEdit

Chapter 7: Untouched SoulsEdit

Chapter 8: Silent LightEdit

Chapter 9: AssassinEdit

Dr. Madness SagaEdit

Chapter 10: The Twilight ProjectEdit

"Madness" Plot ArcEdit

Chapter 14: Gambling FatesEdit

"Saving Nebula" Plot ArcEdit

Chapter 19: Movement On All FrontsEdit

Chapter 20: A Shame To The NameEdit

Acorn Kingdom SagaEdit

Chapter 21: Worlds Within WorldsEdit

Chapter 22: Team BrillianceEdit

Chapter 23: Trials Of Mind And WitEdit

Chapter 24: ???Edit


  • Heroes From An Old World shares a similar trait with Avastar: Kingdom Hearts, as INFERNOX had changed the story's parameters to be set in the Kingdom Hearts universe, just as LegoAlchemist had changed Avastar.
  • The ratings are actually on the borderline of "T" and "M."
  • Because the Keyblade Graveyard is part of Aleannas (and therefore Mobius) in this story, the Keyblade Wars may be related to Sonic the Hedgehog. However, this has gone unexplained as of yet, although the ties have been hinted to.
  • Chapter 19's original title was going to be "Unversed From Reality," as to reference it more to the 1000 Unversed battle. However, this was changed, as INFERNOX wanted to put movement in everyone's storylines, even though some storylines were not shown.

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