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Holy Blade Order
Name Holy Blade Order
Members 22
Role Antagonists
Story Kingdom Hearts:The Holy Blade Order

The Holy Blade Order (神聖な刃順序 shinsei na ha junjo?, lit. Sacred Order of Blades) is a holy organization of Asgard which aims to destroy Kingdom Hearts.

Symbols of The Holy Blade OrderEdit

  1. Cream -(The Magician/The Juggler)-
  2. Genesis Celestial -((The High Priestess / The Popess)-
  3. Silver Seperate -(The Empress)-
  4. Healing Care -(The Emperor)-
  5. Save Saviour -(The Hierophant / The Pope)-
  6. Love Happiness -(The Lovers)-
  7. Protect Protection -(The Chariot)-
  8. ?????? -(Justice)-
  9. Lelouch Lamperouge -(The Hermit)-
  10. Revive Revival -(Wheel of Fortune)-
  11. Arcana Necros -(Strength / Fortitude)-
  12. Serevaire Sakai -((The Hanged Man / The Traitor)-
  13. (Current ) Shiro Oni (Former) Malevolence Ribbons Crystalised -(Death)-
  14. Unknown
  15. Unknown
  16. Unknown
  17. Unknown
  18. Unknown
  19. Unknown
  20. Malevolence Ribbons Crystalised -(Judgement/The Angel)-
  21. Unknown
  22. Noah von Seraphim -(The Unknown)-

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