Kana ジェイコブ (Jeikobu)
Origin Kingdom Hearts: The Falling
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 16 (KH: TF)
Home World The Realm of Harmony
Weapon Keyblade
Status Alive

Jacob is the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: The Falling.

Journal EntryEdit

''Kingdom Hearts: The Falling''

A kind-hearted and generous Keyblader, who was instructed by his teacher (also his father) to save those worlds threatened by darkness. He is currently trying to accomplish this mission to please his family and restore peace.


Jacob lived a peaceful life in his home world, the Realm of Harmony. On his 16th birthday his father, who is a Keyblade Master and also his teacher, found out about the struggle of worlds, in which a mysterious enemy called the Heartless where appearing. He ordered his son to take care of things. Jacob obediently followed his father's instructions.

However, everytime he destroyed the source of the Heartless in every world, the Heartless managed to take over that world. Jacob blames himself, and is now living in grief at his home land, in which almost all of it has been destroyed, apart from his home. Perhaps after a little pep talk, Jacob will come to his senses and continue his mission.


Jacob is shown in Kingdom Hearts: The Falling as a rather tall young man. His hair is brown & short, with a spiky fringe. His eyes are aqua in color & has slighty tanned skin, similar to that of Terra's.


Jacob is a kind and humble person for someone whom still retains masculanity. He is usually very honest & loyal to those whom are tied with his heart. He is usually quite shy for a boy, but has a good sense of humor too.



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