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James T. Kirk
Kana ジェームズ·カーク (Jēmuzu· kāku)
Origin Star Trek (2009)
Alias Jim
Type Human
Role Party Member
Age 20s
Home World United Federation of Planets
Family George Kirk (father; desceased)
Winona Kirk (mother)
Unnamed Stepfather
Tiberius Kirk (paternal grandfather)
James (maternal grandfather)
Cecelia (stepsister)
Attribute Light
Status Alive
James Tiberius Kirk is a member of Starfleet and one of the main protagonists of Kingdom Hearts: Supernova.


In spite of his recklessness, Kirk has time and again demonstrated a 'greatness' beyond his years, often highlighted by his belief that following rules, especially the Prime Directive, is not always the same as doing what is truly right, especially when others are in mortal danger.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Cecelia KirkEdit

Jim is very close to Cecelia and will do anything to protect her... even if it means sacrificing his own life for hers.


  • Phaser
  • Galaxia (Keyblade)

Journal EntriesEdit

Entry 1Edit

A reckless young man who wields a keyblade.

Star Trek (2009)


Star Trek Into Darkness - The Growl Bonus Track - OST02:57

Star Trek Into Darkness - The Growl Bonus Track - OST


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