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Jason Voorhees
Original Name None
Type Reincarnate
Role Mass Murderer.
Home World Crystal Lake
Family Pamela Voorhees (Mother)

Status: Dead

Weapon Bloody Mechete, Mechete.
Attribute None
Status Reincarnation
"Jason... It's me Pamela...


—Ayano Katagiri trying to trick Jason

Jason Voorhees is a Mass Murderer from the Friday the 13th franchise and a Reincarnated Assasin as a result of Malevolence's Experiment who was Created to asist Her during battle's, and an Antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant.

Journal EntryEdit

"Reincarnated by Ribbons.

Jason Voorhees is a man who decided to follow his Mother's footsteps to being a Serial killer who has no mercy for his victims. Because of this He was chosen by Ribbons to assasinate and asist her...


—Journal Entry


The Final RemnantEdit

The World is MineEdit

Jason Voorhees, is the third Leader of the Saint's Row beside Niko Bellic and Ayano Katagiri, Ayano tells him to call Niko Bellic and Roman in Vice City saying that she has a deal for them, thus, making them visit Liberty City in the Next chapter, He is commanded to kill the reincarnated Kyle Remnant. He is sucessful in his objective, However, he leaves and returns to Camp Crystal Lake, and discovers a man named Tommy Jarvis...

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