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Kana ジャッジメント(Jajjimento)
Type Human
Role Ally, Enemy
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Oathbreaker, Chaos of Memories, Flasebound Existance, Kingdom Hearts
Attribute Light, Darkness
Status Falsebound to Existance, living in the Twilight Plane.

Judgment, The Falsebound, was a keyblade weilder and former Keyblade Master, before the times of Master Eraqus and Master Xehanort, and thus before Birth By Sleep as well as before the Great Keyblade War. He plays the role of both protagonist and antagonist, both in the upcoming fanfiction "Falsebound to Kingdom Hearts", playing the role of protagonist in the beginning chapter, then becoming an enemy near the end.


Because Judgment was such a great keyblade warrior, he was crafted his own set of armor; something that had not been done before, but was given to him in high regards to his accomplishments. His armor is extremely intricate, armored with several layers of gold, black and red metal, along with badges and ribbons for his services adorned on many parts of his body. His cape is near ankle length, black with a red border and gold details. His helmet is consisted of a metal full head helm and a black hood, hiding the majority of his mask, let alone his actual face.

Before his armor, Judgment used to wear a tight sleeveless blue shirt, with the left shoulder fitted with a large pauldron that extended past the bicep. His hair was very long, extending past his lower back with two bangs then went past the pectoral muscles. He also wore a pair of fingerless gloves with long cuffs, the right of which was fastened with several metal plates. On his lower half, Judgment wore a pair of baggy pants with two crossing belt buckles along the waist as well as a belt, and also crossing buckles along the shins of his legs. His boots were heavy and thick, lined with metal at the heel and toe with several buckles.


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Fighting StyleEdit

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