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Zane releasing Everto Apparatus.

The Kagifūtō (鍵封刀, Key-seal sword) is a type of Keyblade found exclusively in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. They are special Keyblades crafted by Nathaniel Koroshiya from the Keyblade Wars; as the name implies, they are sealed Keyblades originally wielded by those participating in the aforementioned war. Much like the Bakkōtō, they can be wielded by any person, and varies in power and ability depending on its wielder. Like the Zanpakutō, they are released with a predetermined name and release command. As the name of an Arrancar's Resurrección release is in Spanish, a Kagifūtō's release is in Latin, and has a cooresponding Japanese name.

Sealed formsEdit

Kagifūtō are often sealed in the form of basic-seeming Keyblades, with broad sword-like shafts and uniform Crown-shaped teeth. The only variant to distinguish two different sealed Kagifūtō are the hilt and guard, which vary depending on its released state.


The act of releasing a Kagifūtō is known as Recipero (復活刃 (レシペーロ), reshipēro, Latin for "Revival", Japanese for "Revived Blade"). Upon release, it takes the form of its Keyblade counterpart.

List of KagifūtōEdit

Kagifūtō Release command Latin for Japanese for Original wielder Current wielder
Insisto Ventus (海賊風 (エンシストヴェントゥス), Enshisuto Ventusu) Discover (発見, Hakken) "Follow the Wind" "Pirate Wind" Unknown TBA
Quietasu Leo (獣まどろんで (キータスレオ), Kītasu Reo) Roar and Snarl (轟音とうなる, Gōon to unaru) "Sleeping Lion" "Slumbering Beast" Unknown TBA
Praeclarus Lupus (狼住民 (プレークレーラスループス), Purēkurērasu Rūpusu) Kick About (蹴散らせ, Kechirase) "Famous Wolf" "Inhabitant Wolf" Unknown TBA
Orbis Vita (永遠の円 (オルビスビータ), Orubisu Bīta) Carve (彫る, Horu) "Circle of Life" "Eternal Circle" Unknown TBA
Volens Luminarium (余分な願い (ボレンズルミネリアム), Vorenzu Rumineriamu) Open and shine (開いて輝く, Hiraite kagayaku) "Wishing Lamp" "Extra Wish" Unknown TBA

Reddo Signum Clavis MucroEdit

The Reddo Signum Clavis Mucro (幻想の鍵封刀 (レッドシグナムクラビスムクロ), Reddo Sigunamu Kuravisu Mukuro, Latin for "Imitation Sealed Key Sword", Japanese for "Illusionary Key-seal Sword") are a set of special Kagifūtō which are mere representations of the original Keyblade, as Nathaniel was unable to retreive them and enact their sealed states.

Reddo Signum Clavis Mucro Release command Latin for Japanese for Original wielder Current wielder
Everto Apparatus (悪魔の歯車輪 (エヴェルトアパラタス), Everuto Aparatasu) Awake in the dark (暗闇で目が覚める, kurayami deme ga sameru) "Demon Gear" "Ring Gear of the Devil" Vanitas Zane Koroshiya
Nox Noctis (黒夜の刃 (ノックスノクティス), Nokkusu Nokutisu) Engrave into the darkness (暗闇の中で彫る, kurayami no naka de horu) "The Night" "Black Night Blade" Master Xehanort Nathaniel Koroshiya
Dominus Lumen (優位性の輝き (ドミナスルーメン), Dominasu Rūmen) Light up the skies (光を空, hikari wo sora) "Mastered Light" "Shining Dominance" Master Eraqus Nathaniel Koroshiya
Terra Dea Prosterno (地球の女神破壊 (テラディアプロスターノ) Tera Dia Purosutāno) Divinely Rid the Obstacles (神の障害を取り除く, kami no shōgai wo torinozoku) "Earth Goddess Ruin" "Destructive Earth Goddess" Terra TBA
Ymber (集中豪雨 (インバー), Inbā) Open up the sky (青空を開く, aozora wo hiraku) "Rain Storm" "Torrential Rainfall" Aqua TBA
Vegetus Ventulus (新しい風 (ヴェギタスヴェンツラス), Vegitatsu Ventsurasu) Breathe like a blade (羽根のように呼吸, hane no yō ni kokyū) "Fresh Breeze" "New Winds" Ventus TBA

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