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Kain Highwind
Origin Final Fantasy IV
Type Human
Role Secret Character
Home World Red Moon
Weapon Lance
Status Alive

Kain Highwind is a character from Final Fantasy IV, and in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, is a secret ally.



Kingdom Hearts: AwakeningEdit

Kain can only be recruited before Allen and Ceodore fight Golbez. He has little to no impact in the story, but is on a quest to obtain his true love, Queen Rosa.



Kain is a very noble, brave man. He believes in setting things right, but in actuality, is just trying to get his true love to see him.


Kain is a secret character. When Allen and Ceodore arrive on the Red Moon, before fighting Golbez, Kain can be found in an area. After fighting him and winning, Kain joins.

If the player loses, Kain does not join.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Kain can use his lance to expert precision to inflict long- and short-range damage.


Kain can switch costumes from Holy Dragoon to normal Dragoon at will, and boasts Light and Darkness elemental skills in each form.


  • I am right, now...
  • Rosa... Can a man wish? Or are all my desires fruitless dreams?


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