I can't be happy, not while feeling so incomplete.
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Kana カサリン
Type Human
Role Protaganist
Weapon Staff
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Katherine is Malevolence Ribbons Crystalised complete being.  She is trying to atone for all of the damage her nobody has done to the world.

Quotes Edit

"My nobody caused this problem so it should be me who fixes it."

"She's a have no chance against her..."

"In the name of all the people you have hurt and caused despair to I will stop you!"

"I couldn't keep my promise...I couldn't kill her...I just couldn' conscience got in the way..."

"What are you gonna gain from killing me!?This violence is pointless!I don't wanna fight but I will if i have to!"

"My mistake...nice to finally meet you...Malevolence.

Battle Quotes Edit

You don't have a chance!(start of battle)

Defense!(using Shell)

Heal!(using Curaga)

Come back from the dead!(using Full Life)

Light!(using Holy)

I told ya you were no match!(when winning)

How could i lose to bunch of losers?!(when losing)

I bested a god!(when winning against Malevolence)

Have my sins overcome me?(when losing to Malevolence)

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